Stars On Ice-2022: Orlando

The Olympic season is over, and now it’s time for a special ice spectacular with fun, festivities and entertainment. This past weekend, Orlando audience had an honor to greet the most elite U.S. competitive skaters and give them standing ovations, to celebrate their talents, success and new achievements.  

Each performance featured a fusion of art, beautiful choreography, music and dazzling costumes. The mood was festive and the energy unmatched throughout the show.

Here is the legendary cast and some unforgettable memories to enjoy:

Nathan Chen

Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue

Jason Brown

Mariah Bell

Alexa Knierim  / Brandon Frazier

Vincent Zhou 

Karen Chen

Madison Chock/ Evan Bates

Alysa Liu

Mirai Nagasu

High energy finale


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